Metrics and measurement are fundamental for organization action plans and to evaluate results and progress.


REMARK CLASSIC OMR®Compatible with both OMR and imaging scanners, Remark Classic OMR® software provides an efficient, cost-effective tool to help you quickly process tests and basic surveys, and generate a variety of powerful reports. With support for more than 30 different applications, you also can transfer the scanned information into the format of your choosing—including SPSS®, Access®, Excel®, SQL Server®, Dbase™, and Lotus®.


Remark Classic OMR® combines the reliability you expect from OMR and imaging technology with the power of PC data analysis. Apply real-time processing to your tests, surveys, questionnaires and other scannable forms. As your forms are scanned, you can capture the data instantly and view it on your computer screen.


Whether grading tests or tabulating basic surveys, this software is scalable to low-end or high-end requirements. You decide whether to use weighted scales, bar codes, form identifiers, respondent identifiers and many other features. Then perform analysis and reporting right in Remark Classic OMR software’s own analysis module, Remark Quick Stats®. It produces custom charts, graphs, and grade reports with the click of a mouse.


Remark Classic OMR software makes data collection affordable. This software works with Scantron desktop scanners. Additional benefits include an easy-to-learn interface and technical phone support the first year after purchase. Plus, the software’s unmatched export options allow you to use the data in many popular spreadsheet, database and statistical packages.



ScanTools® Plus utility software is the right solution for organisations that want to use Scantron® OMR or image scanners to import data into their own software such as patient record and student information systems or even data-intensive spreadsheets.

  • Software to define applications, take the fields on the form and create rules
  • Organize the way data is going to be extracted from form
  • Defines ICR/OCR fields
  • Rules of scanning
  • Archiving and creating image clips
  • Controls the scanner and provides diagnostics
  • ScanFlex option increases tolerance levels of edges and margins to accomodate for poorly printed forms or laser printed forms