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SCANTRON SCANNERS - For more than four decades, Scantron has helped education and commercial organizations with their testing needs. Today, 98 of the largest 100 school districts in the United States use Scantron products


  • Color Forms!
  • Light Source
  • Grayscale
  • Mark Discrimination
  • Paper Feed System
  • Continuous Diagnostics


Metrics and measurement are fundamental for organization action plans and to evaluate results and progress.


REMARK CLASSIC OMR®Compatible with both OMR and imaging scanners, Remark Classic OMR® software provides an efficient, cost-effective tool to help you quickly process tests and basic surveys, and generate a variety of powerful reports. With support for more than 30 different applications, you also can transfer the scanned information into the format of your choosing—including SPSS®, Access®, Excel®, SQL Server®, Dbase™, and Lotus®.


ScanTools® Plus utility software is the right solution for organisations that want to use Scantron® OMR or image scanners to import data into their own software such as patient record and student information systems or even data-intensive spreadsheets.


New Data Solutions understands forms design and the need for precision printing and on-time fulfillment and delivery services.  NDS management team have been involved in OMR forms design and printing for more than 10 years and so are well placed to assist with the design process to optimise data capture.

We work closely with Valiant Press who have been printing scannable documents for over 20 years.  They are responsible for printing hundreds of thousands of exam papers each year and clearly understand the need for accuracy and security. Valiant also offer overprinting (personalisation) and customised mail management solutions to suit your needs. 

We also have available a variety of pre-packaged stock forms such as multiple choice answer sheets (MCAS) ready for despatch.